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         Lubrisyn For Dogs Lubrisyn CA QUART Halstrum

  • Lubrisyn For Dogs Lubrisyn CA QUART Halstrum

    Click to enlargeThis twin-neck bottle is slightly larger with 64 doses, enough product to last approximately 60 days.

    Peak condition means peak performance! Your best friend has over 200 joints in his body. Healthy joint fluid keeps your dog in peak condition throughout training and competition - and even while he's playing at home! Keep your Best Friend Active for Life!

    LubriSyn is the revolutionary joint supplement with one active ingredient: hyaluronan (HA). Following the findings of the NIH GAIT study, showing that glucosamine and chondroitin are no more effective than a placebo when it comes to joint pain relief, LubriSyn is emerging as the leading effective joint supplement on the market today.

    What makes LubriSyn a joint necessity? Our unique higher molecular weight formula ensures the integrity of the synovial fluid - the key component for the protection and lubrication of the joints of all mammals!

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